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Barbara Brennan Healing Science

In addition to my other services, I offer the Brennan Healing Science approach. Brennan Healing Science is known as holistic since it complements traditional medicine. It is a safe and natural way to help the person recognize their own power to heal through the guidance of a therapist healer. Through my studies and very strong tendency to help people, with love and intention, I can be a guide through your healing journey.

This healing technique is taught at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. From 1996 through 2001, I studied all of the advanced techniques to become and practice Hands-on Healing. To learn more about Barbara Brennan Healing Science, please contact me.

It works on multiple dimensions: Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual.

Healing Sessions

A session of healing usually last between an hour to an hour and half. We begin by engaging in a casual conversation so I can learn the reason for the visit and secondly to build a rapport and trust between us. The client is then asked to go on a massage table (while remaining fully clothed) for the rest of the session. It is a balancing and charging of the chakras and the energy field.

Benefits of Healing

There are several potential benefits to this type of healing.

  • To help and have a better understanding of what disease is energetically.
  • When a person is in a trauma with a disease or is going to have surgery, then the healing will help to alleviate the fear and accelerate the recovery time.
  • Help the person to stay in a calm state, it reduces pain and swelling, the need for medication and the side effects can be reduced.
  • Your will have a sense of well-being and balance in your life.
  • It is a great way to release emotional stress and feel lighter.
  • Eliminate the congested blocks that give a heavy feeling of being tired all the time
  • You will feel as having a new passion for life and a new vitality.
  • You can enjoy and learn to welcome all your emotions.
  • It can be easier to think clearly and remembering to see life as full of joy and happiness.
  • To look within and reconsider those limiting beliefs that life is hard and full of fears so that you can choose to be happy.
  • Spirituality is within yourself, to help you to connect with your inner knowing or intuition.
  • You can discover deep lasting love at your core, the gift of wisdom.
  • You will make goals and pursue them in the present moment with a new confidence.
  • Your consciousness and awareness will expand to include all of life.

How The Process Works

Brennan Healing Science can be done in person or over long distances, meaning that you don’t have to travel to receive services. When you call to schedule an appointment, just tell me that you would like to do the healing sessions over the phone.

In cases where we go through the session over the phone, you will be asked to lay down in a quiet place where they will not be disturbed. It is as if you were right there in front of me. On my part I do exactly the same as if you were in my immidiate presence and I will clear the field and recharge it. I will take a reading before of all the chakras to see where you deplete your field of energy.

After the session we can talk again on the phone to debrief the work done and see or feel what we have been working on. It is a labour of love that unfolds and rebalances the dysfunctions in the body.

Quality of life can be greatly improved through a healing session. Sometimes there is need for more work and we can simply schedule another session. The work is done with the respect and confidentiality needed in any therapeutic intervention.

For more information, please contact me.