Alternative Medicine Practitioner

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Global Intuitive Massage Treatment

I offer a very unique one and a half hour massage for complete relaxation and well-being. This Global Intuitive Treatment incorporates different approaches with my energy work. I make home visits for my massage therapy services.

Deep Tissue Massage

This kind of massage is done as a deep tissue massage with essential oils containing many therapeutic and medicinal qualities. Emu oil is also used to relieve pains and bruises, is known to be great for arthritis and articulation pains. You will get a relaxation on many levels, including physical, mental and emotional.

All the healing techniques that I have mastered come together in massages. Energy healing with Barbara Brennanemotional freedom with EFT and personalized listening and touch therapy with focusing.

The fee for on-site massage therapy is $150 for 90 minutes. Note that there may be an additional distance fee for traveling.

Please contact me to schedule your massage therapy session.