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Perelandra Flower Essences

I currently sell Perelandra flower essences. If you know about Perelandra then you know how great these products are. If you want more information, simply visit where can learn more about their products, sign up for a newsletter. Every product is identified and explained.

In Canada, I am an official distributor for the Perelandra line of products. I offer them in Canadian dollars, so you don’t have to worry about exchange rates and border crossing issues such as duty, excise taxes or transportation costs.

I carry an inventory of the most popular products and they also have a beautiful line of books dedicated entirely to the co-creative science started by Machaelle Small Wright. If your health is important to you and you want to prevent it from going to pieces then this line is one answer.

Nature speaks and our ability to listen wasn’t encouraged or taught when we were growing up. Now this new science can really make a difference.

You can get a free catalog of their products which I carry. Please contact me to get a catalog or fill in the form on the left. Be sure to provide your mailing address.

Perelandra Books

Co-Creative Science

Co-Creative Science is a must read to a better understanding this is a book on the new revolution in science providing real solution for today’s health & environment.

Published by Perelandra , Ltd 1997

Paperback retail is $15.00 dollars CDN

MAP: The Co-Creative White Brotherhood Medical Assistance Program

One of the most popular book is probably the MAP book (The Co-Creative White Brotherhood Medical Assistance Program) that Machaelle S.Wright published back in 1990 then she published a second edition in 1994 since she had so much more information to put in that wonderful book. She has a way to explain and teach that is in very simple terms and easy to follow.

This book is about your concern about health. What is health? How is it best taken care of, supported and maintained? Unfortunately, the way we are going now with our health in not working for us. We hear information everywhere and who to believe. We keep on buying prescription drugs and on the long run the problems keep on coming back. Obviously a new approach that is effective is needed. MAP is a good alternative.

MAP is not allopathic, homeopathy, naturopathy or any other conventional medical specialty. It is not related to alternative or holistic health modalities. It is not esoteric, occult, new age, or spiritual.All these are evolutionary developments by man. MAP is qualitatively different because, like Co-Creative Science of which it is a part, integrates the involutionary input of nature with man’s evolutionary development (Excerpt from MAP’s book preface page xiv).

Published by Perelandra, Ltd. 1994

Paperback Retail $20.00 CDN

Perelandra Garden Workbook: A complete guide to Gardening with Nature Intelligences

This book is a partnership and a big switch from traditional gardening to co-create with nature. Co-creative gardening started in the early 1980s (first edition published in 1987). It was so well received that the second edition was published in 1993.

Published by Perelandra, Ltd 1993

Softcover Retail price $33.00 CDN

Perelandra Flower Essences

The Perelandra line of flower essences is fairly large so I will summarize them to make it somewhat easier to follow.

ETS PLUS (Emergency Trauma Solution)

You can choose between a Vinegar-based solution or Brandy-based solution. Both are offered since some people can’t touch alcohol. That base is used to preserved the essence. It never goes bad as long as you don’t touch the dropper.

That bottle comes with a pamphlet explaining how to use it. All new customer will get the pamphlet with their order. There are also ETS PLUS items for animals, plants, and soil-less gardens.

These essences are great for any sudden or long term traumatic situation, they are pre-mixed and easy to take. It can be taken immediately after taking medication, feeling overwhelmed in the office or after a serious accident, a lot of folks have learned not to leave home without it.

MBP solution (Microbial Balancing Program)

Easy to use and no learning curve. The Perelandra MBP Balancing solution have been created by nature from a combination of electrical infusion from different plants,minerals natural gases and element found in the sea,atmosphere and on land.

The MBP Balancing Solutions contains water, their specific electrical pattern and a preservative ( brandy or vinegar) By taking the Solution daily , we can ensure that our body’s system receive the natural support needed for proper function in today’s world. Safe and natural,these oral solutions may be taken by adults,-young and old- pregnant women,children,infants and animals. One 2-oz bottle last one person three to six months. They offer MBP Balancing Solution for the:

  • Immune system
  • Lymphatic system
  • Cardiovascular system
  • Cells
  • Digestive system
  • Endocrine system
  • Intergumentary system
  • Muscular system
  • Nervous system
  • Reproductive system
  • Respiratoy system
  • Skeletal system
  • Urinary system
  • Current flu season

When considering which solutions are right for you, we recommend you start with the Immune and Lymphatic system, 2-bottle combo for a better deal on price. See the catalog for more suggestion and kits.

All these are at the same price except when you buy the combos and sets, and a Perelandra MBP Balancing Solution guide is included with all first orders.

Flower essences

At first they recommend to buy the kits, it is a lot easier and you also have a discount for buying the kits. There is five sets all together and when some are getting low you can replace them individually.

There is 2 sizes a Dram size ( gram bottle) and a 1/2-oz bottle. The complete set has 51 bottles.

So that gives you the basis to start taking your health in your own hands.

Please contact me for more information. Thank you.

Other Products – Books

Body-centered coaching is mindfulness-based.

Body-centered coaching helps you to focus as a way to deepen your connection to your body’s wisdom in a profound way. Foundational to body-centered coaching is the ability to be mindful; focusing your awareness of body signals, feelings, emotions and thoughts. This methodology enhances a more meaningful connection with your clients.

These transformative experiences will move your clients more readily through change, be it personal or professional life change. Body-centered coaching will add value to their coaching experience and extend their relationships with you. This rapidly expanding methodology is a must for coaches.

Do any of the following statements ring true for you?

I wish I knew more about accessing the body with my coaching.

I would like practical yet powerful body-centered focusing tools to add to my skill set.

When I have a client stuck in their head, I need ways to help them connect with their heart by becoming mindful.

I want to learn more about focusing on my own body signals so I can access my intuition more fully.

This book is available through my website for $25.00

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