Alternative Medicine Practitioner

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Alternative/Holistic Services

I offer the following services:

Emotional Healing

My services tend to be based on emotional healing. Health is our most precious asset in life and if it wasn’t for pain and disease we rarely question it. In western society, our belief system is such that we take a prescribed medicine (such as a pill) to relieve our pain. My approach is to move your belief system away from this traditional way of thinking and to focus on the causes of your distress.

As a session progresses, we can go through your inner most important questions that you may not have dared to question. Even daily questions such as “Am I good enough?,” “Can I be accepted as I am without putting up a wall to protect myself?,” “Am I afraid of being hurt and feeling bad?,” “Can you listen to my angry feeling without taking them personally or giving me advice?,” “Am I afraid that I will not be loveable if I am really myself and be judged poorly?” or “Will I feel rejected or abandoned?”

If any of those questions or similar ones apply to you, my services can help you. Please contact me for more information. Thank you.